You will see that they are simple and easy to understand, he concluded with a laugh.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

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Secondly, the life of a human being has all the value that Life can have, that is, nothing has more value and nothing has less value, no matter how large or small the object compared. This is due to the fact that Life is one and eternal and nothing is lacking, nor is it left over. Life is one, either looking at the Universe or looking at a particle through a microscope. The Universe will always be there and the particle will also be in some of that Cosmos.

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The evolution of society has always been driven by the empowerment of women, a male / female relationship in unison. Nature shapes it as men are born on this planet by women, who are fed by women and raised by women. The seeds for Female Domination have been implanted in the male mind by nature. The evolution of society is often a slow and incessant process, but you only have to look at trends to see what has been happening.