You will feel angry and resentful against your partner for not respecting your feelings

Friday, 16 October 2020

If the man keeps information, communication does not improve. Man keeps many affairs for himself because he fears scolding. Hide, keep information, seek to get out of the house so as not to be discovered. And it does not matter if what he does is not bad, in any case, he is afraid, because he does not know if his wife will censor him or admit it.

This is very active and is changing, there are different societies, cultures, but still, as a cultural heritage, it is there and affects the MAP (map of personal self-esteem) of people. From that, it is legitimate, as a sociological analysis, generalization.

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In order to neutralize waste and toxins, alkaline minerals are needed. In its absence, the body has no alternative but to steal calcium from the bones and therefore create a series of inconveniences related to this.

To serve as an example, what is the point now that you are attracted to large and firm breasts, when a plastic surgeon can make any woman have them? This type of objection can be extended, as is logical, to everything that has to do with cosmetics and the artificial beauty market.

Adolescence has become the fantastic age when all wishes are fulfilled at no cost. The invention of the pill revolutionized sexuality and youthful destinies forever.

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When practicing these postures the woman should move carefully

This pornstar was not very pretty, but she was in good shape and well hung. He also treated women in a very domineering way. He fucked their mouths without caring for their comfort. He would slap their bottoms and boobs, spit in their mouths and put his cock in their mouths right after using his ass. Debra knew this was reprehensible behavior, but it also affected her on a basic level, she would kick her husband out if he treated her this way, but deep down she wondered what it would be like to be completely submissive to a man.

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Tantra taught me to draw my attention back to myself, to forget about the man and to dedicate myself first to my own energy. He taught me to restore in my body the state of consciousness with an internal and descending sense, to feel my belly and my breath, and to make love to me before I began to worry about him. The foregoing may seem unwise, but there was the crux of the matter. This sexual behavior created in me a calm and relaxation from which a natural intimacy and attraction emanated that easily dissolved insecurities. It all consisted of me energizing my body and joining it before merging with the other. And, in this way, I offered my body to my partner; a body tuned inward, alive and joyfully ready to make love. With this attitude of being ourselves the first focus of attention, of grounding ourselves and focusing inwardly, considerably more can happen in the course of the game of love.

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One young woman told me that in the ten years she has been married to her husband, she has had all kinds of fantasies with him, some of them D&S oriented, played with all different women for him, and was often the one who instigated . His adventures He went on to say that their marriage and love were still new and that the two were very much in love. I thought his approach to their intimate relationships was sensational and I told him so. But the point is, if a woman expresses an interest in fantasy bondage, there might be a line of men on the block and around the corner, ready, willing, and eager to satisfy her desires. A man's fear of rejection can, and often does, prevent him from sharing a fantasy with his partner.

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How do you relate to your body?

I couldn't see that ultraviolet color. He couldn't see that what he took for communication was just like a dry crust, under which the real interaction flowed like living sap. Right under my nose, a much richer and more complex information exchange was taking place than my brain thought it was processing. A far more interesting conversation than that generated by words was taking place right there, but I couldn't hear it. And, curiously, everything that seemed completely absurd, foolish or even jaded, would have made perfect sense in the light of that logic that, then, disappeared like water through my fingers.

This emotional Storm ended quickly because I did not want to fight. I did not bother with her for making a comment that had no relevance to me. I accepted the situation I was in and responded productively to our situation.

Experiment with feathers, with glass dildos, with Chinese balls, with prostate and G-spot massagers. With the help of these gadgets you can make your partner increase his pleasure and sensitivity. It may also be that they increase with some spanking. Spanking, the art of butt spanking, enjoys many advocates and your partner may unknowingly be one of them. If it is, look for high-quality whips and sandals. Worth it. It is one thing to redden the buttocks and quite another to hurt them. With high-quality materials, the possibility of injuring your partner's buttocks is less.

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These vibrators, with their bent tip, are specially designed to encourage the G-spot

A regular physical exercise program is proven to promote normal health, including sexual function, of course. And to confirm this, lately a methodical study was conducted in the United States based on the responses given by 8,145 women.

I want to speak of an elemental disagreement, of something whose essence is a disturbance that fills us with anxiety. But, first of all, the facts from which I will start must seem indifferent. They are facts established by science and that

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