Under him the almost complete nudity of the artist could be sensed

Saturday, 05 June 2021

The eyebrows play a fundamental role in a person's facial expression. And this is another element that every seducer apprentice should, according to Tracey Cox, keep in mind when revealing, through intuition, the peculiarities of a woman regarding her sexual behavior.

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Another factor that plays in favor of the glass sex toy as a great companion for those who, alone or in company, want to enjoy its possibilities, is the possibility of testing the temperature when adding new sensations to erotic relationships. The glass quickly acquires the temperature that the hot or cold water gives it. In summer, then, you can experiment with a glass dildo that, previously passed through the cold water tap, provides a point of freshness to the erotic act. In winter, on the other hand, you can act exactly the other way around, that is: by heating the glass dildo with hot water or, wrapped in a cloth, with a short microwave time, to, in this way, add a touch of warmth to that vagina or that anus in which the glass dildo is going to be inserted.

The voids that we perceive are inherent to our human nature, they are the expressions that demand what we need, they are manifested in each one, according to their personal development and according to this they are also pleased. The void of Integrity is the demand of our body to fulfill the natural instinct of conservation of the species; the request of the heart to feel undamaged and the request of the soul to find unity. The void is generated in the interrelation between the masculine and the feminine and the balance in the antagonism of these forces, generated in the symbiosis of exactly the same, giving rise to the satisfaction of this need. If there is ignorance, oppression and / or denial of those, imbalance and greater voids arise.

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Eroticism, although it is a mitigated prohibition, is sustained as such. The subject of nudity is evidently an absurdity that continues. The old Egyptians were naked. Only around the year 3000 BC, they began to wear clothes from the waist down, which were otherwise transparent. The look. Certain specialists affirm that the look betrays anyone, that the eyes are the window of the soul, that there is no better way to know the truth than by looking into the eyes, in addition to that if you are interested in someone, your pupil will involuntarily dilate, and Some specialists point out that the dilated pupil turns out to be attractive to those who see it. Some studies will have some truth, in seduction the look plays a very important role in sending the message to the other person, and the benefit is that without words you can say what you think. The key to looking at that singular person, without lowering it, is to overcome poverty, although it will be easy for you if you have put recipe No.1 into practice, because if you look good you will feel even better. It will give confidence for that flirtation and you will be able to approach that person in a matter of minutes without any problem. Then let the other person cross your gaze with his, let him know, in those milliseconds, that you are interested, I assure you that the other person will return to you with his gaze; One of the considerations that you must take into account is the time in which you must maintain your gaze, for a man I advise a time of 5 seconds to tell him everything you plan with that person, and for a woman 3 seconds, of course, maintaining the subtle smile After time, remove the look little by little, do this twice, so that when the third time arrives, you will have to get closer to the person little by little, remember not to show yourself nervous or embarrassed, due to the fact that you will spoil everything, you can also add a small lift of the eyebrow, this advice is primarily men. You can practice this technique anywhere you are, you never know what could happen!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The explorer personality: is a person who likes to experiment, and great emotions, and prefer relationships without excessive commitments. They like to be the center of attention, they are optimistic, spontaneous and full of energy. Turn your bedroom (or any area of the house you choose) into a sensual sanctuary. Put clean, soft sheets on the bed, light your favorite candles, play your favorite music, and prepare a plate of your favorite sweets and a glass of wine (or cocktail or tea).

I was sure that my Lord would protect me, as He did. That is why I fear nothing by his side, my security is total, my confidence is full and I still feel calm and without knowing what he is preparing ... Imagination. Have you ever sat idly staring out the window, fantasizing about sex, and realized that fantasy can turn you on, even if you're not receiving physical stimulation? Thoughts can create real physical changes in your body, and you can use this to your advantage. This is why people fantasize even while having sex: the added juice of fantasy increases arousal when physical sensations are not enough to get us where we want to go.

Making love in the moonlight is not a sprint race

None. Neither is better than the other, and neither is better than the other. They are different lives with different paths, and the only way to distinguish if it is good or bad is to identify if it is causing damage, damage in your life.

HORSEHEAD: Extremely painful and hurtful, the sensations it causes remain only on the skin, not damaging internal tissues, but this whip is quite irritating. Horsehair can cause cuts in the skin and even lightly hitting it causes an intense burning sensation, one must be extremely cautious with this type of material in terms of hygiene and anatomical fluids. To say that these types of whips, along with those made of bison or elk skin, are not easy to find, although we always have the Internet in all circumstances.

Practicing meditation should be one of them

Sexuality is wonderful, natural, and divine. Who created us: the blog, Yahweh, Muhammad, for others, an Energy, etc., designed us with different bodies between men and women which are mutually and naturally attracted. Unfortunately, the details of the technique used then are ignored, but what is clear is that anatomical massage therapy was used taking into account the areas and their reflexes. However, some Egyptologists propose that the legacy is more about a beauty treatment (pedicure and manicure) and deny its relationship with reflexology.