The deadly disorder of eroticism and apathy

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

Undoubtedly, the whole person gives sexuality meanings and values that are transformed into norms and criteria of life. Moreover, in my daily practice of Sexual Medicine I have discovered that in a segment of almost only male patients who consult for erectile dysfunction, sex, or the ability to exercise it in its coital connotation, has become the ultimate goal of their life , reaching the extreme of literally preferring death, over the impossibility of having an erection.

In other words, we look for colors that are consistent with how we feel now and if for some reason we need a change, we will prefer colors that are consistent with how we want to feel. The colors we reject are those that go against the way we want to feel.

Don't use your penis in the beginning, start with one finger and then in step 2 use your penis

When we are born we are happy, we enjoy the innocence of being small. As we grow up, we leave discrediting, we stop giving our opinion on the essential things of life, we hardly turn to see the stars because we are so busy checking the way to avoid falling, that we hardly dream. For 40 percent of people, smiling is the best gesture a person can use to win them over, and 10 percent smile when they are interested in someone. Of those surveyed, 90 percent use their gaze as a way to show interest in the opposite sex; of these, 60 percent look intensely and 30 percent look little; 50 percent think that this is the best gesture a person can use to win her over; 90 percent think that the body speaks, being this language conscious or unconscious. The investigation also pointed out that the interpretation of gestures does not change according to sex.

Energy, sympathy, balance, seduction, dedication and respect

Hi love. My name is Patry and, as you can see, I am a woman with a body that exudes sensuality and eroticism. My aphrodisiac body and my tempting and provocative eyes are just 2 of my many charms. Those who know me and have enjoyed my intimidation affirm that I am a really beautiful whore, a monument to morbid and provocation. Passionate about sex as I am, I like to enjoy it without taboos or borders. That, together with my involvement and dedication in each relationship, transform me into the lover with whom you always dreamed and in all circumstances, a luxurious escort who knows how to transform every minute of a date into a waste of pleasure.

The erotic posture that we propose could be included in the category of these erotic postures. To do it, your partner has to be lying on the bed, face up. From that position, your girl will have to raise her legs and lift her back and ass. In doing so, the weight of your body should rest on your upper back and on your shoulders. That is the only part of the woman's body (beside her arms, if you wish, and, of course, her head) that should touch the bed. With the man kneeling next to her, the woman should make her legs, raised, rest on her torso.

Positioning in this way, the man's left foot should contact the woman's left hand

Atisa maintained the benefit of oral teaching from master to acolyte in order to preserve the absolute secrecy of tantric techniques. He also insisted on celibacy, and advised the practice of strict moral standards among monks.

Do you want to make a woman lose interest in a man? To be ready to dispute it is to accept that he is no longer exactly by your side. So you must not seek war. Put aside your ego and do not try to prove that the other cannot, precisely because if you show interest in her existence you will be indirectly proving that she represents something in your emotional life.

Gorgeous panther of sensual beauty

Placing yourself on a plate for female complacency: I think that to the famous and unhelpful statements of women ALL respond with I am flattered. Come on, even I have answered in this way when some women who do not totally attract me have told me that they love it, I answer them I am flattered. And here comes a point, we have to begin to know and it is the feminine language, which I call LANGUAGE WOMAN.

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Don't think twice and contact Patricia

In Spain we can find more than one case of how censorship acted on the nude. In a country like ours, with deep roots in Catholic doctrine, examples of censorship on the nude could not be lacking. There are multiple works that have been published to study how the Franco regime acted to censor racy images. One of these works, La censura franquista en el cartel de cine, written by Bienvenido Llopis and published some years ago by Notorius Ediciones, shows how necklines or legs were artificially covered to prevent the average Spaniard from feeling offended by gazing at too much skin on movie posters or well-known handheld shows. The scrutinizing and implacable gaze of censorship made a dress by Ava Gardner or Sara Montiel lose its vertigo neckline or Romy Scheneider, who was sunbathing face down on the poster of The Pool, appeared a bikini that covered the nudity from the original poster.

There is strong evidence that the human brain is impressed, but otherwise, through an early sexual impression. To describe this impression, the obliging sexologist Dr. Jonh Money coined the term attachment atlas.