The Clitoral Hood

Friday, 15 October 2021

I am Anais, a woman who in privacy is going to do wonders for you and I like sex without taboos ... I want to go through every part of your body with my fragile fingers in pursuit of your pleasures, kiss your skin until I get to turn it on. . In me you will find huge breasts, hard and magical, in which your mouth and hands are going to be peacefully lost ... Do you remember Gastón, the character from Beauty and the Beast? Yes right? He had visible and corroborable merits: he was handsome, he was a good hunter, he was… a jerk. So, although your life has been very interesting, do not talk about yourself.

My vocation is the art of loving

The paths of friendship branch out and what one friend gives us today, another will borrow from us tomorrow. To serve as an example, I have a friend from school days who is so beautiful, that in her instant she became Miss Venezuela. I would never have been able to compete with her in that field, but she taught me to outline my eyebrows and to spread the blush in the right direction. For years, I had direct access to a crowded wardrobe that looked like Ali Baba's grotto. In return, I offered him my ear, always and in all circumstances ready to listen to his stories. I was the intellectual and sometimes I recommended reading a post. After all these years, my childhood friend still calls me from a long distance to discuss her concerns with her children or to tell me about a dream. Now she is the one who advises me what to read and continues to inspect the state of my eyebrows to the minute.

Never show despair, anger, or aggression if she decides not to have sex with you that night. There's no blame for her, that's why I taught you that you're dealing with her principles, her values, her past loves, or whatever. There are many things involved and you have to be skilled enough to fix it. The first of these options, the one for the non-lazy, involves making the rear seats disappear and, folding them down, transforming them into a part of the trunk. With this you can gain an extra space that will allow you to turn that space into a kind of extensive but hard bed. Carrying an inflatable mattress in the vehicle is a never-disposable option for all those who, for some reasons or for others, wish to turn their tourism into a love nest. These people, in this space, will be able to let their imagination run wild and take hold of any of the erotic positions that the Kama Sutra offers to couples who want to enjoy their love and desire.

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You can touch her hair and her neck

At this moment in humanity, the souls of this planet have enlightened their consciences with light, to a lesser or greater degree, but what is happening at this moment in each and every one of the souls is the real need to evolve. It is because of this that there is a large group of people involved in spiritual currents of any kind, but it is also the opportunity to feel the presence of the dark side in the world around you.

Close your eyes and relax in this nurturing situation. Try to focus on your breathing, following the steps that we finished counting. The moment you feel comfortable with the rhythm of your own breathing, shift your concentration to your partner's breathing. Remember well that in your current situation, you will have to face delicate situations, and in a certain way, tense with your former partner. In them, it must show itself for what it is; a congruent man, sure of himself, understanding and competent.

Pass the rope through the curl and pull it tight

To make this type of climbing knot for Bondage, 2 ropes must be used, one finer than the other. The thin rope will be the rope that will be knotted to the thick one. The more difference in thickness there is between the two strings, the firmer the lock will be.

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I think I've given you a lot of things to think about. Start practicing communicating the whole truth about a small problem and see how well it goes. (For more on this technique, read Htrw to Make Love All The Tinte.)

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Let's chat about slaps, slaps and punches. It is important to know where it is safe to hit someone's body. (Have I cited permission lately? This is your reminder that you need consent so this is not all over the top. Explicit permission, no coercion). See Illustration 9.1: Where to paste. Each and every one of the places marked 1 and 2 are ideal for slapping. The places marked 3 must not be hit.

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