Tantra is not limited to sexual issues

Monday, 22 February 2021

Hello, my name is Anastasia and I am a delicious young Argentine with a sweet face and a body ready for sin. I have curves, fragile and sensual, that await your caresses. In fear, you will discover an involved, loving and condescending lover who will truly transform all your dreams. My beauty and my good character will transport you to distant places where we will take refuge to enjoy genuine pleasure and let ourselves be carried away, without limit, in our sexual adventure.

Have you ever wondered why practically all bachelor parties end up at a brothel or similar place? Why are there usually whores involved in this type of celebration? Well, it is because of the urgent need that men have to make us certain revelations, because of the fact that those truths hidden from the uninitiated are better revealed in that place to which a man who is going to marry would never go. Because think about it, what does a boyfriend about to get married in a whorehouse look like, if he is exactly at the zenith of his sexual life as a couple?

Types of games with blood

The way in which Shiva responds is unique, this is one of the reasons why Tantra is unique. Shiva does not begin to give her a lecture on what she asked, does not begin to reason with her, does not argue, does not explain, what Shiva does is absolutely precious, he provides a series of meditation techniques so that she can test the wake up from your consciousness and then the questions will all be answered.

But I have seen many have unhealthy relationships and insist that they last as long as possible. I do not understand why, but this is this way, have you not seen beautiful women being a couple of absolutely inconvenient men? Perhaps you have not seen good men being entangled with women who do not deserve it? This happens all the time, people need unhealthy relationships but they get confused and think it's the best they can get. The idea of having an unhealthy relationship is to test what it is and learn to value a healthy relationship when it appears, know how to recognize it immediately and not let it go so easily. It's the only thing it's for.

It will take a short time to do, but the effect it will generate will be

Do not forget that when you try to conquer someone without realizing it, you fall into the conquest of the other person. It has happened to many of us that we enter into a conversation with the intention of something temporary or sexual and everything changes when this new person awakens in us the love. And so if you want to sleep with women, not female friends, creating sexual tension is essential. And the best way to create sexual tension is flirting. And to flirt? Well, here are two of the best methods, starting with ...

xecxis girls

This fetish is one of the most frequent you can find

Phototoxicity: Certain essential oils can greatly increase sensitivity to sunlight when applied to the skin. This is especially dangerous when applied undiluted, but even small concentrations of base oil can create problems if there is now exposure to the sun or tanning lamps.

Take the time to get your children's birth certificates, your birth certificate, your marriage certificate and all those personal documents that you have direct relationship with, your parents and your partner. Now that you are still home, it is essential that you do this calmly and not in a rush the day you leave and forget something.

In Tantra we reduce the thrill and forget about any outcome, trusting that there is more to sex than momentary pleasure. Certainly there is. It may not be your realm of experience yet, but the moment we relax into sexual energy, we give ourselves the option of preserving the energy in the body. In an attempt to break the mechanical aspect of climax and ejaculation, ask yourself these questions: Where am I now? Am I focused now or on the next? Can I feel this blow, this penetration or do I think? About the next, and the next, and the next? The answer will come in a moment!

The bend of the rope should point down

No one outside of America, Shaw wrote, could be at all surprised. Comstocking is the eternal mockery of the USA. Europe loves to hear these things. In this way, the ingrained conviction that the Old World has that America is a provincial place, a second-rate small-town civilization, is confirmed. And he continued to develop his favorite theme at that moment, denouncing marriage as the most debauched of all institutions and proudly proclaiming that Man and Superman was an explicit attack on said corporation. Seen from this point of view, the censorship of Shaw's work came to shine as a symptom of what is certainly a horror the same in America as in another, and which consists in the secret and intense determination with which the petty provincialism of the world rejects all criticism and does not suffer any intrusion. These words were naturally followed by self-aggrandizement: I am an artist and, as is inevitable, a public moralist […]. From me are the honor and humanity, the intelligence of my mind, the skill of my hand and the aspiration to a higher life. Let us leave those who have put me on their censorship lists so that they can read me while their children are out in the dark, so that they can recognize their allies, state their reservations and declare their objective ... if they dare. After several other threats against Comstockianos for their marital fanaticism […] corrupt and sensual, Shaw concluded with a warning that, curiously, put him in agreement with Comstock: I am not saying that my posts and my plays cannot harm dishonest or weak people . They can, and surely they do, but if the American character cannot withstand that fire at the earliest age, when it is most legible or well understood, America has no future [269].

The younger wife, Gonardiya claims, must seek the husband's attention in secret, while she must fear the older wife. But if the older person is unlucky not to have children, he should treat him with compassion and also encourage his husband to do the same, while replacing and accepting the role of sole wife. This concludes the conduct of the minor wife.

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