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There are many qualities that I would like the woman to be my wife: first of all, that she respect me; That is noble, homely and loving of the children; who knows how to cook well; who is willing to wash, iron, clean the house and carry out each and every one of the family's needs. If I'm working she's supposed to be the one to do all those things. I would also like you to feed the children breast milk; As you know, doctors advise that. ?

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We can also define as refractory period, that which lasts for days or weeks in a man, although in most cases this dysfunction is due to the lack of a suitable female partner. The sentence, since not to mix sentimental relationships with work is clear enough to become a dogma of faith for anyone who looks with erotic / sentimental interest in a colleague or colleague. Since well: surely it is one of the most violated sentences of each and every one of which, in one way or another, contain some kind of advice to manage in life. And it is that, as Dante affirmed, Love moves the sun and the stars. And who says Love affirms Desire. And the hours they spend together at work, that touch, makes the love sprout or, at least, makes the spark of desire jump.

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The cook takes a generous amount of jam and spreads it on the abbess's pubic hair. It's cold. It balances the temperature with which the woman wakes up with her temperature, compensating the degrees centigrade that her sexuality flows. The chef's sticky fingers dig into the cave of desire and clobber every inch of his crotch. With his tongue, Gianluigi Buffon savors the fig jam that he cooked with the healthiest and sweetest pieces of fruit. She opens her legs, resting the soles of her feet on the table, allowing her to fit her head into the trough of her ardor, separating with her fingers the shaved lips that reveal the clitoris covered in purple fruit jelly. Crackling dwarf nuggets explode between the teeth of the man busy to lick the top of that volcano. His fingers are wide, long, his nails are perfectly sanded so as not to scratch her, something that would be unforgivable and that would banish him forever from Il Giardino del Monastero di Dee. And he doesn't want to leave, he just wants to be there, inside her, this morning with his hands and his tongue, others also with his cock. Abate the storm that raged in the abbess, kissing, touching and devouring her completely. Discovering the infinite pleasure that it is capable of providing with the language that walks all over it. And the abbess likes everything she does. He adores when he accelerates, understood that he climaxes with the tension with which he imprisons his head with his legs. A stocks. Those are those legs around the neck of the Italian chef, a bolt that drains him by forcing him to stretch his neck as the beasts do to Dona Regina's cistern. The abbess moans with pleasure and encourages him.

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Not what, bitch? Don't you want me to come in? Ah! Of course, you just let this be done by your Master, right? More ... you know? He is very pissed off with you, he is not here to help you, he did not want to see, he has left you alone, although we are recording the celebration so that he can see it calmly when he wants and he enjoys it, so behave well. Show him that his wishes are pleased by you, that you are what he has told us. Our satisfaction will leave you in a very good place, so relax and enjoy ... The stranger whispered in my ear, holding my hair tightly.

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In the next answer you will use when you try to kiss a woman what I will explain to you because it is quite important afterwards, but the moment a woman says I will not kiss you what you want to do is respond with something like that must mean that you are terrible kissing, she affirms no, but I do not want to kiss you, so this is your chance to answer with come on I will give you a chance to try it, kiss me without thinking about it otherwise I will have to reject you because you know, a man must have his standards . This is one thing you must say in a very safe and playful way.

Playboy, the universally known magazine founded by the very famous Hugh Hefner in 1953, was, at the time, a pioneer in trying to bring eroticism closer to the blind. That the blind could read Playboy's content was one of the goals of the publication's editors. To achieve this goal, it launched a Braille edition of the magazine, the tactile reading and writing system conceived by Louis Braille in the mid-19th century. Braille, which had tolerated a large number of blind people to access the joy of reading, was now going to allow them to taste the sensuality and eroticism of much of the content of the famous magazine of the guinea pig. This initiative by the publishers of Playboy lasted 15 years, precisely those that go from 1970 to 1985.

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In a laboratory experiment that took more than 7 years to complete, they separated 2 sets of people with type 2 diabetes, one of the most difficult to treat diabetes, for the sole purpose of reviewing Murakami's interesting theory. If you start squeezing too late, once the ejaculatory contractions have already started, it will be almost impossible for you to completely reverse the process. With practice you can learn when the time is right.