Shy and natural in appearance, I am in private a fiery, ardent and very sensual woman

Sunday, 09 May 2021

In Thai massage there is no penetration into the vagina for an internal massage, since the objective is to charge the bodies with energy, preparing them to enjoy sex, so that orgasms are not achieved through this type of massage. To start with, we must have a flexible attitude when it comes to time. Let's give time to time, this is how things are achieved. If we continue to think that time is money, then we will favor a situation in which time exerts pressure to do more things or to get more out of them. If time had a cyclical character as it happens with nature, then we would have to resort to patience in order to eliminate the pressure and replace it with relaxation. Think of those plants that wait for rain for years only to be in bloom for a few hours. Have you ever lived that situation in which you have wondered how the hell you are going to manage to have everything done before you take the airplane and, suddenly, you already see yourself in the heights with everything organized and perfectly fitted? on your site? If time is what is needed for the company at hand, let's forget about it and carry it out calmly. For this, all we have to do is locate ourselves in the present moment; in this way we will comply with that precept of tantra that exhorts us to make love without haste. If we leave the rush aside or ignore the time, we will have the opportunity to appreciate and taste all the delights that this present moment contains and that, generally, go unnoticed. When I lived in India I was able to realize that time was practically of no importance there; in fact, it seemed that absolutely no one cared much. For the Hindus there was no difference between today, yesterday or tomorrow. So much so, that curiously in Hindi they use the same word, kal, to refer to both yesterday and tomorrow. This attitude to time gives the whole country an extremely relaxing appearance; that is, an appearance of being rather than doing. One fine day a crowded train, as happened to one in which I was traveling, can stop for five hours, just a few kilometers from the destination station, and absolutely no one will report the cause of the arrest or the the duration of it. When this happened to me, the other passengers, as if willingly admitting the setback, continued to sit quietly without making an angry gesture or comment. During the long wait, the adults talked in a relaxed way, the little ones gleefully played from one compartment to another as if they were at home, and they took bites of the spicy Indian food. When the train finally started moving again, no one made the slightest shock, absolutely no one planned to arrive at their destination at a certain time.

María Belén was dating the two for months, and her initial discomfort had already disappeared, because she did not care about her boyfriend, she believed that what she was doing was just punishment for all the time she had been cheated on, and at the same time she enjoyed going out with Miguel, but it was a matter of time until they discovered her, and when this happened ... the boyfriend lost control and seriously hurt her, he also became obsessed with hurting the guy with whom he had been unfaithful, but Miguel fled the confrontation, At the time that María Belén and her boyfriend were in this way for a while longer, while the boyfriend did not want to leave her and had become infatuated with her, ending this story with the intervention of the police and a court order prohibiting the two from come closer or get in any kind of contact. Undoubtedly an ending where everyone got hurt.


Another aspect in which the Erotic Salon of Barna 2017 wishes to insist is that of sexual education. For this they have specially reserved the Educational Porn area. Education, the organizers of the Hall maintain, should become the main topic in any field of society, also in everything related to sexuality. This interest in sex education is reflected in the Show in an endless list of lectures, workshops, talks and live demonstrations so that, through sexologists and artists, visitors to the Show can learn about sexuality and its fetishes in a way educational and dynamic.

When you do what you are passionate about and are successful at it, you will experience attractive qualities and an attractive lifestyle that will make women want to spend more time with you and want to invest in you. No matter what your game plan is, events can take an unexpected turn. Issues may arise that have the potential to throw off your game. Be open to anything, ready for anything. When evaluating whether things are going well, tune in to your lover's sounds and body reactions. Ask, if it is not obvious whether she is either not enjoying herself completely. Finally, do not be afraid to incorporate maneuvers and sex tips that come to you, such as, for example, playing the melody with the music that is playing, or the buzz to become your own vibrating sex toy or twisting your tongue the way your genes leave you. Who knows what might end up feeling good? Get closer to your oral sex endeavors as the sky is the limit.

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For you, you must stay by the side, the most absurd thing you can do is try to follow her or start thinking about what they are doing or will be doing, also any intervention by you that ends in a discussion, will only do more than bring her closer to him Remember that largely, whether it was a vulture or a new relationship that arose by chance, it was anger or anything that will cause disagreements between you, that brought them together, so fanning that flame of hatred only gives you more reasons to hold on to what I can, and now it's not you.

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Leo appears in the living room with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He serves in both and without waiting for a response from the women, he tends to each one of them. With Leo everything is easy. It is the perfect host even for sporadic encounters. Even if you run into him on the street, what could start out as a simple afternoon of shopping can turn into an adventure in which sex is usually the best epilogue of the encounter. March this way easily: he is handsome, attentive, polite, with an enviable sense of humor and his gallantry is honest because he never flatters to take you to his land and end up with you in bed. Sex has Leo as its representative in this world, it does not need tricks. Before finishing that first bottle, Ana, Lidia and the three of them are in bed.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by a hormonal problem, then hormones can be administered in the form of patches, injections or pills, but it is not a frequent inconvenience because few are the men who suffer from this dysfunction due to this cause. It is only indicated if you suffer from hypogonadism, that is, testosterone levels are low and can be used in patches or orally.

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The role of the therapist is to help the patient meditate and understand his own story. How did you get there? What is the childhood story that you are forced to repeat? In order to meditate and do his job well, a therapist must resist the current of sympathy that the patient awakens in him and stay in his place as a therapist without stepping on foreign territory. That is not called coldness, but professionalism.

It is also true that not everything is gloomy in the lives of eight-year-olds from now on. Nor do I pretend to give that impression. Socialization and schooling leave a contact with the outer planet to the family of reference and many other stimulating learnings are started that take up a lot of energy and free time.