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Monday, 27 September 2021

Ambergris. Ambergris is an ancient excitant that forms and is found in the gut of sperm whales and is found within their feces. Ambergris, also historically used in perfumery, tends to float in sea water. Among the places in the world where it is collected are the beaches of Madagascar or Java. In ancient times ambergris lozenges were made to suck and that was how men consumed this exciting old man.

Different techniques are presented to manipulate and generate these emotions

In black and white or in color, in the classic way or with a considerably more realistic imprint, Paul Avril was, little by little, creating a huge compendium of erotic illustrations in which all kinds of sexual practices are shown. Sodomizations, blowjobs, threesomes, orgies, lesbian scenes, cunnilingus, masturbations ... everything that has a place in the human imagination when it comes to having sex finds a place and a way to be reflected in the work of Paul Avril. One of the works he illustrated, On the Figure of Venus, by Friedrich Karl Forberg, was a collection of ancient texts from Greece and Rome in which reference was made to human sexual behaviors existing at that time.

On the basis of anthropological studies it can be affirmed that homosexuality is an incessant universal of culture. Its presence has been observed both in primitive peoples and in other enormously developed ones; in decaying societies as much as in those that were in their prime, and it does not depend on the religious values of a given civilization. Always and in all circumstances, the Greeks, who had reached very, very high cultural and political levels, are lied to as cultivators of homosexual love. In this, a clarification could be made: from the outset they were in favor of a pansexualism, that is, a cult of love and eroticism. They were not used to being exclusive homosexuals and they loved total virility. This was supported by a true dislike or contempt for women (misogyny), whom they considered inferior. Plato, in The Banquet, recommended sending male couples to war in order to defend each other. Some of this happened with the pair of Achilles and Patroclus, in The Iliad.

Your conscious psyche pulls to one side: I want to have a partner and be happy, and your subconscious psyche pulls to another: men only bring suffering and this seems to throw a letter at my head and tell me that he hates me, I better load myself also this occasion. Returning to the simile of the vehicle, if conscious and subconscious are not on the same wavelength, it is as if you were pressing the accelerator and the brake in unison. Life is blocked and it is difficult to move forward.

Face a world without love?

An angelic countenance and an exuberant body, full of curves and adorned with two breasts that seem to be wanting to receive the caresses of a man like you. Can you imagine a better combination in a scort? Sofía, this sensual Brazilian escort, accumulates each and every one of those virtues and the odd one that, added to her cheerful and uncontrolled character and her open and liberal mind, make her the ideal lover. And it is that Sofía does not know the meaning of the word taboo, hence she is more than indicated to make your most intimate dreams come true. With sweetness, with absolute dedication, turning sex into a kind of party from which you will leave with a smile on your lips, satisfied and happy. This is how Sofía will treat you when you meet her. is looking forward to it. AND ?

Revenge is a very sought after attitude in injured couples, it does not lead to anything pleasant and does not solve the inconveniences, but it does deepen the hurt feelings and that sometimes drag them to guilt.

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If you practice with a friend you can play the following game, challenge yourself to see who is the one who gets the most rejections from groups of women at the end of the night ... Don't worry, remember that your goal here is to get used to rejection and learn to address sets naturally.

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Big breasts, perfect for you to lose yourself among them

Inspired on this issue because it can happen, and in the same way as in other directions (pain, fear, sadness ...) it is necessary that we know how to redirect the energies of our client without penalizing him. Feeling is never bad, in no way, feeling desire is not bad either. In a therapy consultation in which our client of the service connects with his sexual desire, we have a golden opportunity to help him understand first what is normal, second what is behind it (oedipal desire not adequately resolved) and thirdly how much he loses in life if You cannot have contact with someone other than sexualizing relationships. And all this from our most loving and firm. Well, otherwise we would do him even more damage than he has inside. Obviously there are caveats, there are people who can get out of the ordinary to enter a morbid and non-judgmental game, in which case we are in our right not to be so loving, nor so understanding. Knowing how to set a clear and firm limit is therapeutic in itself, when we get it to be affectionate much better.

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Another secret to a happy and satisfying sex life is creativity. In changing the routine, the tedium in bed, you have to put a bit of care to change things. It is good to take action and develop new ways of expressing your sexuality and sensuality. Why not try new places to have sex? Think of the most exciting place where you can have sex and take action! Maybe a patio, a kitchen, a study room, an office, a cinema, a forest ... why not? You can also bring certain toys to your bed as well.

Put everything we have discussed into practice, change your attitude: it is a very lethal weapon. If you put this into action, write it down and then review your last ten interactions with girls and you will see what changes you have undergone: you will feel powerful.

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Take your burden to Jesus. If you carry your load on your head, you will have headaches. If you carry it in your hand, it will hurt you. If you carry it in your heart, you may have a heart attack. The right thing to do is throw the burden on Jesus because he cares about you. Don't be upset or upset about your marriage, but pray. Pray for the grace to change, 'pray for the grace to be a good wife / husband', pray for a better understanding of your spouse's character, personality, character and attitude. Those who frequently feel upset or upset about their marriages are. times more likely to separate, compared to those who do not bother. Those who claim that they are more upset or upset about their marriage are on the verge. times more likely to think about separating from their spouses.

Never use an apology to address, you would be introducing yourself, apologizing for your presence

Whether you come to live in the capital of Spain and bring your children with you, or if you decide to have them here, the Spanish capital offers you similar facilities as another European city in matters of child health, education, transport and leisure and free time for children. More smalls. The devotees of the blog in its different aspects and modalities are called Saktas, that is, followers of the Sakti understood as the power and energy of the blog, which also permeates the entire cosmos.