With different twists

As far as possible, this routine will be complemented with the ingestion of an appropriate amount of water throughout the day, such as a period of meditation, means by which it is possible to maintain adequate hydration as well as a daily moment of spirituality.

Let some of your worries and tensions go with each exhale

Once penetration has taken place, the woman, without letting the penis escape from inside her vagina, will have to turn 180. Halfway, the woman will be able to remain seated laterally on the man and, positioned in this way, it will be able to move face up and face down.

Always have them at hand

His current partner is a cold and ruthless woman who kicks him. She is a marketing manager for a huge multinational company, where she is really well regarded. He makes a lot more money than Johnny and rubs it up his nose every moment.

Likewise, this one suits the blowjob

Yet in the West, throughout history there has been so much emphasis on logic that sentiment is lacking. Westerners are gradually more interested in controlling emotions rather than focus and deep relaxation techniques.

Among the topics of conversation that must be avoided is sex and me

Women love them, because nobody makes them feel so unique, special, understood, sensual and desired. Of course, they are not material for a stable relationship either, since their fascination for women leads them to pick from flower to flower.

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