Or a series of tips on how certain blows can be introduced in the erotic relationship

With the tips of the fingers, this area will be massaged and progressively advanced towards the temples and face the Krakari varma, that is, face the cervical and face the area where the medulla oblongata is located.

So one with earth and at the end one empty for air

Is it possible that we can stop enjoying any moment of our lives because of this terror of the future, of what may happen, of what the other is thinking, which very often has nothing to do with those specters that torture us?

To be a revolutionary like Purex you have to do two acts

Imagine actually planning to have intimate relationships on a certain night, then go back 24 hours and say: Well, let's start playing r33ght then. You'd better send me a nude photo or our sex is ruined.

Hot spots in men

The Erotic Show also served to produce a meeting between journalists and bloggers from the sector and so that they could share their opinions on the current moment of the field, on its future and on its development possibilities.

Accept your body more recognize that it can improve

Put some of your favorite things on a silver tray: for example, your favorite wine, beer or cocktail; your favorite cigar, cigarette or pipe; your favorite sensual gazette; His Favorite Pair of Boxers - You get the idea.

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