To progress my love for onanism which, incidentally, is sometimes much better than

If you do not know the girl you are going to meet very well and you fear the possibility of not having anything in common, it is better that as soon as you arrive you tell her that you should probably leave in an hour or two, so you will not seem rude if you say goodbye earlier than expected.

I think the answer is too obvious

If in his mind there is the idea that the words you expressed did not like him, his vision is that he will be perceiving you as an enemy and therefore his actions towards you will go with that tone; whereas an enemy cannot be treated with love.

Call Blue Velvet and ask for Aura

My love, I come to tell you that I want us to get married and that you will live with me, everything will change and we will be happily ever after. She affirmed with a bouquet of roses in her hand and the engagement ring in her hands.

That great opponent to be defeated is jealousy

Hello my name is Natasha and I am a lady from the East with green eyes that you will love. I have a singular beauty, I am elegant and sensual, in each and every movement, in each and every gesture, you will discover it.

Typically, couples only incorporate this element of humiliation in private

To perform the ritual that will grant any power, it is imperative to possess the mark of the school of magic to which it belongs. The ritual that begins in a particular magic does not provide power, it only enables one to perform the rituals of that school.

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