Or a series of tips on how certain blows can be introduced in the erotic relationship

Thursday, 18 February 2021

We do not differ from those avant-garde people who inhabited the banks of the Indus back in 7000 BC, or perhaps somewhat, the present homo sapiens, or better homo exterminatore, is a perfect violator of the Dharma Ley, a predator of nature, a great Master of appearances, caught up in ego and attachments. As the millennia pass, these harmful attitudes become stronger, the planet of forms prevails, and even more, we fall in love. Another factor affecting male fertility is the increasing use of antidepressants. 2 scientists at Cornell University Medical Center reported in New Scientist magazine in September 2008 that in healthy men who received paroxetine, sold as either Paxil or Seroxat, an average of 30 percent of their sperm exhibited DNA fragmentation after just four weeks of antidepressant use, which impaired men's ability to father a child.

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They know what their needs are, and they take responsibility for them

If you are traveling in tourism, never forget to put your suitcase with your favorite erotic toys in the trunk. If you do it by plane, you may want to leave your reserve of toys at home and venture through the local sex shops to provide yourself with those toys you need and are used to using in your relationships. You can also send them by courier to wait for you at the hotel and welcome you upon arrival. In this way you will avoid two things. The first will be having to spend the adaptation period to a newly purchased toy. How can a dildo that has just arrived in your hands replace the dildo that you have left at home, with which you have spent so many good times and which knows so well the most sensitive points of your body? The second is to have to explain to an airport customs officer or an airport security guard about your nipple clamps, your vibrator or your leather handcuffs.

This, however, is extremely difficult. The experience of Psychiatrists and Sexologists reveals that most frigid men try to deny themselves that truth they fear so much: the inability to enjoy the sexual encounter.

Exuberant and very hot body, natural chest and cinnamon skin. An ideal company for intense evenings. An example. Saying you are a very sensitive person is not wrong, but it is not saying much outside of a certain context. Saying the movie Autumn in New York reminded you of an old boyfriend of yours is to run the risk that he hasn't even seen that movie. Instead, something like you are a truly sensitive person, able to notice how others feel when other people do not seem to have found out seems quite specific. Hearing you say that, she will remember a time when that happened and will think how does she know that? However, realizing by serving as an example that someone close to us was sad without having to tell us anything is something that has happened to all of us at some time, then it is impossible for you to make a mistake with her if you tell her.

Of course, I hope it is reciprocal and you also spoil me

With regard to serotonin, it is involved in inhibiting anger, aggression, mood, depression, sleep and hunger. It also balances sexual desire, motor activity, and perceptual and cognitive functions. As well as dopamine and other neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, it regulates sensitive states such as anxiety, anxiety, fear, and aggressiveness. Oxytocin, in turn, apart from acting as a hormone throughout lactation and delivery, also has neurotransmitter functions in the brain. It intervenes in sexual arousal and strengthens social knots, trust and empathy. It is also related to certain learning and memory processes. Lastly, endorphins provide a feeling of well-being.

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Of all these people who make up the human species with the different profiles enunciated, it is preached that they have different sexual orientations and that is why each and every one understands the notion of sexual diversity and gender diversity. Less and less in your life negative emotions are going to come to you, since when they do, you have the tools to alter them and allow only positive emotions to inhabit your mind, which make you feel good.

The feeling of being full of hands or fingers terrifies people, leading them to make comical gestures. One must understand that the most frequent symptoms observed by the audience in the speaker are the eyes and hands. People are used to looking at everything, but these are the most observed regions. As for the hands, the best posture a speaker can adopt will be suggested here as a more plausible alternative.

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We never consume drugs, even less those that are legal: sugar or tobacco. These are the most harmful, the ones that move the most business because they are really addictive. We do not consume anything that has been adulterated or manipulated by human hands, such as heroin, cocaine or marijuana, which for us is no longer sacred because it is transgenic in our days. Only marijuana grown by ourselves, organic: with cow manure and compost. But we never smoke it, it's a waste.