Nothing that is not recoverable

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Sweet kisses, wet kisses, slow kisses. Kisses. On the inside of the thighs, the groin, the vulva. 2 mouths running through it, turning it into an exquisite cake covered in sex instead of cream. Touches in the center of the lips of your vagina that blend with each other. The 2 men caress and kiss her, professing exactly the same liturgy between them. 4 hands surround it without there being more sin than leaving a corner untouched. Two mouths that bite her hips, her waist, that bite each other. He does not intend to close his legs; I could not. The one with long hair holds them back while the other one returns to the same place where he has managed to stain the panties that Amaya has in her mouth by gagging her. The skin of her hairless lips is electrified with the slightest touch of the tongue. A simple touch and notice how your restless endings go into alarm to wait for the rest. Fleshy carpet that tongue that reveals what it hides in each crease of the crotch, discovering the hiding places in which its enjoyment is hidden. Sweat. All three sweat clean, smell like pleasure, taste like sex.

Substance abuse drugs, such as anabuse and methadone

We see the question so brief and so precise, what do you need from me? And when her partner had the opportunity to tell her what she needed, she just kept quiet, she didn't mention anything, not even a hint of sound, then Sofía got frustrated and told me: if she doesn't need anything from me (because the one who is silent grants) Why do you act this way?

The title of this is a verse by Jorge Drexler and it is a huge truth: your body needs movement. Decide what kind of exercise you want to do and set it up as a daily practice. This is non-negotiable: to heal you must strengthen your body and keep it healthy. You can choose the sport or the discipline you want: swimming, lifting weights, running, boxing, doing crossfit. When you have chosen the sport you want, you should do it every day.

It was entertaining the moment in which almost at the end of the night, there were two girls at the bar having something, I opened the group and first I put one in and then the other. They were each one of them talking to one of them and I while next to telling her.

Pay attention to what's going on outside

Refrain from denigrating the dominants to mutual friends or in public. Unless you feel strongly that the dominant is a genuine threat to public safety, in which case you might talk to the police and your friends, spreading malicious gossip in the community will only damage your own reputation. I do not mean to imply that a slave should not seek comfort from his friends, and probably some of these friends also know the dominant. (Here is an essential reason for a submissive to cultivate friendships outside of the BDSM community and outside of their D / S relationship.) However, it is unfair to expect mutual friends to take their side, or take sides with everyone. . Be as respectful of the dominant's privacy as you would expect yours to be.

Passion is the principle par excellence, natural and essential of every community and society.

For most earthlings the BDSMista cosmos (bondage, discipline, domination, submission and sadomasochism) is considered as taboo and a practically unattainable practice. Very bad. Practically all of you imagine that this goes from getting them to put ostia like bread in you, from lynchings to laugh at the vandalism of the Hooligans' interventions of being slaves for one night and whipping you until your meat jumps making you suffer the unspeakable . Pain forms sadomasochism only for certain people who practice it. For others (I would say that the vast majority) it is the opposite, due to the fact that there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy BDSM without having a hard time and enjoying the unfinished beauty like the rosary of dawn. We have not come here to suffer. Although certain crazy people do.

Jeff replied: Well, I was facing some pretty tough competition, so I decided to use a basic marketing technique to create a 'niche'. Based on past personal experience, it seemed that about a third of the women he had dated over the years had cats. And the ones with cats were fans of them. So I created a data bundle particularly for Cat Lovers.

How real would be too real? Rape is a common fantasy and a good scene for a deranged person. But how real can it be before it stops feeling like a scene and starts to feel like a real rape?

But the two face each other better when they are due to their own resolutions ¨

Sharing real life experiences with your partner can be an amazing game. People love to perceive stories, and the occasion of telling a story with real-time skin-to-skin interaction in the mix can be an exotically delicious delicacy. Or maybe you have a gift for the written word? Make an erotic email, or write a compelling story about the scenario you are imagining, offer to send it to your partner or read it1 as a bedtime story, or perhaps leave them a voicemail if you are the shy type. Simply sharing is a wonderful way to break your reluctance and gain acceptance from your partner. It can help you build confidence, which in turn helps you relax into the possibilities and enjoy the journey.

Follow the breath of your partner and, when his body rises to meet you, calmly place the palms of his hands on his back, one hand on the middle of the back opposite the heart and the other on the sacred.