Emotions are an unconscious expression; feelings are a conscious expression

Friday, 07 January 2022

We don't spend enough time together, and we must spend a certain amount of time together to sustain the strong connection. (Quick Fix: Ask yourself: What would make me want to spend more time with my partner? Or what would make my partner want to spend more time with me?)

To increase pleasure we need to increase sensitivity, slowness and sensuality. We need to tune into our many senses: breath as a sense of smell, touch as a sense of sensation, eyes as a sense of reception, and awareness as a sense of witnessing. The sensation as we understand generally is not a true sensitivity. The sensation is often the response of an erogenous zone or sensitive area to some form of external stimulation, but this is not cellular sensitivity. To become more sensitive, we need to make a change in sensation, which is based on stimulation and emotion, involves the other (the stimulus) and also includes the accumulation of tension. Certainly, sensitivity can be phenomenal as well, but not in the usual sense. Today, sex is almost entirely based on stimulation and sensation, which actually leads, in the long run, to less sensitivity.

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WOODY ALLEN. American director, actor, comedian, playwright and musician. He has an Oscar for best director for his film Annie Hall shot in 1977. And another 3 Oscars in terms of original script, which he received for the films: Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters and Midnight in Paris. It has up to 23 Oscar nominations.

This aspect is not so pronounced in the man who does not live it as intensely as and it may not be so essential for him to maintain stability, hence many men feel horror of a stable and lasting relationship, although the woman feels in her medium and does not care what he sacrifices. So the stability in the relationship with the woman provides sentimental stability and gives stability and security to the species.

Some will be more difficult than others, but it is precisely those that will interest you the most, you only need to capture their contact, I recommend that it be on WhatsApp or some application that has a good chat. With some shame I tell you that the men in the luxurious-looking house were judged more attractive than the men in the messy house. Women will definitely transfer their feelings about the setting you are in to their feelings about you.

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Even though all these factors influence us to a great extent, we can always make decisions about how our history affects us at all times. Do we admit our family's legacy? Certain people say, This is how my family did it, and this is how I will continue to do it. Others on the contrary say: My family did it in this or that way, and I will never act that way!

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The quality of relationships exceeds the frequency of exactly the same, which go to a more secondary level. It seems that the erection process develops more slowly and the refractory period, the time necessary for rest to be able to achieve a new erection, also lengthens. Erections can be weaker but, in any case, sufficient for penetration over the precise time to achieve orgasm. It takes more time to achieve an erection psychologically (sexual fantasies); On the other hand, since the medullary reflex pathway is fully preserved, it is easily reached with caresses. They are physiological changes that do not produce erectile dysfunction: the reduction of pre-ejaculatory secretion and the volume of expelled semen. If there is no chronic disease and mentally the man does not present imbalances, it does not have to be erectile dysfunction in the third age. There are satisfactory climaxes beyond the 90s. Ultimately, with age, only the rhythm and the way of experiencing sexuality change. Therefore, it is not true that we retire from everything completely. What's more, the urgent uncontrolled ejaculation disappears over the years and with this the possibility of premature ejaculation. Intercourse extends and its sensory slowness is a possibility for enjoyment.

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