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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Enjoy my passion and a fully exciting body endowed with curves that will delight your hands and caresses ... The demands to achieve exceptional performance are so great and extend over many years, that nobody will be able to achieve them without full commitment. The first challenge in designing an intentional practice system is to identify the immediate steps to continue. However, in many careers, and in advanced settings, there is no established curriculum, no specific material to be studied or well mastered. To decide what skills to work, and how to do it, you must use your feet on the ground. But since you are poorly qualified, you need help. Finding these people is not so easy, but always and at all times it is possible to pursue the general principle: in each and every one of the practices it is valuable to have the points of view of those who know the most about what you should work and do. Fortunately in courtship, women give you constant feedback. And the obstacles that present themselves give you the idea of what you have to be working on. And since each situation is unique and you are practically in no danger or loss, you can begin to trust your feet on the ground more. But always keep in mind that feedback is crucial in effective practice, and people tend to forget what they thought in the past. A great way is to write down your performances. In this way you will have a more methodical practice and your results will improve. You will have a stronger base. TheoryPracticeReport.

If she is reluctant to get on top, tell her that it's all about looking at her and how it is for you. Actually, this advice is generalized. Positive reinforcement of pleasurable sensations / movements is a good way to encourage your partner to keep doing the things that they like to do.

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Love is the manifestation of universal gravitation, on the level of feelings. Since heavenly bodies attract each other, so do terrestrial bodies. And in the same way that the stars attract themselves in direct ratio to their masses and in inverse ratio to the square of their distance, it is very possible that humans are attracted in direct ratio to their electromagnetic charges and in inverse ratio to their cultural, sensible distance , mental. Love is the expression of the centripetal force; the movement is from the outside to the center. Love follows the principle of convergence. So love is uniting, coming together, coming together; love is concentrating, integrating, merging; love is mixing, dissolving, interpenetrating. To want is to converge, to coincide, to be in agreement. And if it is not to agree with everything, at least it does share the same vision of the world, the same philosophy of life.

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If you want to continue in Spain regardless of what your study or work visa indicates, you must apply for temporary residence in Spain, which is assigned to you with a number called NIE, and allows you to travel and identify yourself in Spain and throughout the EU, do paperwork in the bank, paying taxes legally, and other advantages and obligations. Along with that residence permit, you will be given a card or a housing card with your photograph and NIE number. To request your NIE residence you must attend the multiple National Police stations in Madrid. Consequently, it is a procedure dependent on the State Administration, valid for all of Spain. It is granted for one year and then it is renewed at 5 years. European Union citizens do not need this housing card, only if they want to reside permanently.

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Keep in mind that if your attention is focused on overcoming these obstacles and striving to not think badly of it, you will be achieving two things at once. On the one hand, it will be difficult for him to apply his ordinary game to you and absorb his Reality. On the other hand, you will be sucking her towards yours, by inducing her to play your game and, on a subconscious level, accept your Framework.

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Until about forty years ago, encyclopedic dictionaries defined psychotherapy as the ethical treatment of disease. Today the dictionary of our language defines it as the set of therapeutic methods based solely on the interpersonal relationship that, through dialogue, listening and therapist interventions, facilitate the patient a process of analysis, understanding and overcoming the psychic confrontation . Various schools of psychology apply treatments for mental disorders that conform to this methodology, that is, they are based on the interpersonal relationship. 2 humans are related in such a way that the differences serve for development, development and learning.

What comes next is an item of honor that I will deliver wrapped in wrapping paper and wild silk band. The reader is going to have to open it and read it privately because in it you will find very compromising matters: our greatest awkwardness in bed, fears, blockages, vanities and each and every one of those absurd old customs that lose us as lovers. But you will also discover other ways of seeing, doing and being in sexual life and making fun of bullshit and nonsense. Once we have known how we can and should use our senses, now it is time to look even higher and look for a breeze of fresh air for our relationships. It is time to capitalize eroticism.

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Europe has become a patient actor (an even better word would be submissive) relative to the USA. After 1945, Europe was in a much weaker position than the United States, much more than it is now. But think of three European politicians from France, Germany, and England over the first 15 years after World War II: De Gaulle, Adenauer, Eden. All 3 were willing to challenge the United States in a unique way that has not been repeated with any other following figure.

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On a certain occasion, a person who spoke to me about how he perceived the rest, told me that he had a circle of friends, very few, with whom he could relate normally, with a certain confidence and express himself as he was, but that the rest of the people to her were like animals.

At that moment, she should grab her lover by the hair, tilt her head down, and kiss her lower lip, and then, intoxicated with love, should close her eyes and bite him in various places. When I started in this seduction I remember that every bitch I knew asked, do you have a boyfriend? And if he said yes, then he asked him: Why did you decide to walk with him? Or in what way is it with you? And they answered me how their boy was with them as a boyfriend. You know, his answers always and at all times were like these: He is pretty, he is detailed, he loves me, he is attentive, etc. I listened to them but something in me did not fit me because I wanted to be this way with them or those who were free but they did not let me. I already know from the fact that, and that is something that I am going to teach you in THE METHOD in future texts. Although this information did not help me much at the time, it would help me later.

Wear the colors that attract you to your sacred space

Imagine that you receive a breath of wind in your base chakra. Now focus on bringing air to your second chakra. When you have been doing it for a while, go back to your base chackra. Breathe like this, creating an energy loop between the first and second chakra over about 15 minutes. When that time has passed, return to your normal breathing.

Sharing your life with someone means learning to perceive and understand the thoughts of another, even if you disagree with it. You do not need to admit each and every one of your partner's beliefs, but they do need to agree on issues that will keep them together or will make them decide to go their separate ways.

The sage affirmed that a father supports 5 children, but 5 children often do not support a father. Yes, that is the injustice of family life; that's one of the most well-kept family crimes.