Only in this way can you, you can have a satisfying sex life

Some attend to reality and others promote a social situation that tries to hide the facts; so the fact is that women of different ages, but with a higher prevalence in young people, get pregnant without wanting to; Whether we like it or not, it has happened, it happens and it will continue to happen.

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The penetration position that gives women the greatest simplicity to reach climax is the one in which she is on her partner, since in this way they are better able to freely supervise their movements and cause friction between their clitoris against the male pubis, as they do so. convenient.

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For you as women it is difficult to understand this point, although you do not leave a puppet with a head when it comes to female meetings and even more so if it is in public. You have to understand something essential, for us it is natural and I am going to give you a basic case.

Always and in all circumstances it must be only with equals

Tip: The essential thing is to learn how to spread sexual energy through the open channels within your body and how to harness your breath to sustain the free flow of energy during multiple energy points.

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Pros: Efficiency and immediacy (Faster effects), safe (It has no side effects), does not eliminate the immune system, personalized (Requires a certified professional), it is holistic (Symptoms do not recur).

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